Enterprise-Level Services At a Fraction of the Cost of An Internal Finance Team

Turnkey Services That Will Maximize Your Business Transparency

We manage all the moving parts to give you full visibility into your financial performance. You can utilize any of the services on an à la carte basis and there are no long term contracts.

Accrual & Cash Basis Bookkeeping

We streamline your processes and handle all of the day-to-day data entry to ensure that you have access to your cloud based financials in real-time. We utilize your existing software – whether it’s QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite or other platforms - so you don’t have to go through any learning curves.

Invoicing/Receivables Management

We manage your invoice creation to ensure invoices go out efficiently. We also follow up with late payers and provide real-time reports so that you know exactly how much is owed and by whom at all times. We'll also help you set up the SOP’s necessary to ensure your team is aligned and everyone is on the same page during the invoice collection process.

Payables Management

We’ll maximize your visibility into payables that are due so you can properly plan from a cash flow perspective. Everything we do is paperless, so all of your bills, payment histories, receipts and other items will be stored digitally in the cloud. No more signing checks and any information you ever need will always be a click away.

Financial KPI’s

Tracking key financial metrics is a critical component of accelerating the growth and success of your business. Measurements such as Profitability By Customer, Contribution Margins, and other Key Performance Indicators help you make better decisions and allocate your capital more effectively.

Inventory Reporting

We understand the importance of integrated order management systems and accurate inventory valuation. We ensure you have accurate inventory information available at the press of a button and also make sure it is accurately reported within your financial statements.

Website & Amazon Reconciliation

Whether you are selling on Amazon Seller Central, Vendor Central, Shopify, Woo Commerce, or any marketplaces – we have you covered. This includes reporting of sales, discounts, returns, promotions, ancillary fees and sales tax management.

Media Profitability Reporting

We can quickly get you up to speed on how to embark on a Direct to Consumer strategy that can both increase your profitability as well as help drive increased retail sales. One of the most important components of an effective DTC strategy is disciplined financial management. To scale aggressively you must have real-time visibility into your financial KPI’s so that you can invest your media dollars wisely.

Direct To Consumer Strategy

Tracking key financial metrics is a critical component of accelerating the growth and success of your brand. Measurements such as Profitability By Customer, Profitability By Channel, and Contribution Margins help you make better decisions and allocate your capital more effectively.

Capital Raising

Whether it’s building out your investor deck, putting together your financial forecast, or assisting you with investor dialogue and negotiations – we can serve as your outsourced CFO and navigate you through any complex matter.

High-Level Financial Strategy

From exploring the feasibility of growth areas, to figuring out how to finance them, to building a complex merger model to contemplate an acquisition, or any of the numerous high-level financial decisions that come into play on a day-to-day basis – we can help you plan strategically and responsibly.

Financial Modeling

We can help you forecast various scenarios in order to fully understand your cash flow needs. We can also build out your budgets and create financial score cards to keep your management team accountable.

Business & Sales Tax Filing

Whether it’s State Tax, Sales Tax, County Tax, or any other form of tax – we have you covered and will ensure that you file and pay on time without having to keep track on your end.