Exceptionally Client Focused

We provide consistency, scalability, redundancy and most importantly - a stellar experience for our clients. Our approach relies on the following tenets:


We invest in our team to make sure that we can produce results for yours.

Every PLTFRM Finance team member goes through extensive training and continual education to make sure we are on the cutting edge of retail finance. We take the time to learn about the new technologies and new opportunities so we can bring them to you.


We are incredibly process driven.

By being disciplined and methodical, we ensure that your finance department is “buttoned-up”. Whether managing your payables & receivables, calculating your COGS, or doing your day-to-day data entries - we ensure that every initiative has an SOP in place.


We exist to make our clients’ lives easy.

We value your time more than we value our own. Our job is to do the tasks that will free up your time to focus on growth.


We are proactive.

It is our job to show you what you might not have otherwise found. Whether it’s a new technology, a better process, or anything else finance related – we seek to enable you to benefit from our scale and visibility into the world of retail finance.


Everything we do is cloud-based and paperless.

You can throw away your file cabinets because everything will be stored digitally and is available in real-time. We ensure that anything you need is a always a click away.


We are built for redundancy.

All of our methodologies seek to protect you from an unforeseen team member departure. Our systems are designed so that there is no single point of failure from a knowledge standpoint (whether on the client side or at PLTFRM Finance). No longer does a CEO have to worry about what would happen if the bookkeeper with all of the knowledge in their head suddenly disappeared without warning.


We stay at the cutting edge of technology and financial innovation.

Our clients rely on us to drive them forward. We continually seek to drive efficiencies through the use of technology.


We thrive on providing strategic value.

We're not just here to crunch the numbers - we're here to grow your business. We embrace every opportunity to provide sound strategic advice that can help you grow. Nothing makes us happier than providing financial metrics that help you make better decisions.


We maintain close contact with your CPA.

We ensure everything is being in done in accordance with the wishes of your CPA in order to ensure fluidity at tax return time.


The client experience is EVERYTHING.

We exist to make your life easier. We handle all the minutia and take the headaches away from you as it relates to your day-to-day financial needs. We strive to maximize your financial transparency without you having to do any heavy lifting - and it is our job to execute on that every day.